Where Does Santa Go on Vacation

Book Review for Where Does Santa Go on Vacation

Considering the sheer number of new children’s books that are released for the holiday season, the new effort by Elizabeth Rooks, “Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas?” is a refreshing change. Most new children’s books on the holiday season focus on the events leading up to Christmas Day. This effort actually is focused on a very logical question asked by most children. After all, what does Santa do after all his work on Christmas Eve is completed? Mirroring the imagination and wonder of her first work, “Rayne: Queen Water Supplier of the World”, Elizabeth Rooks has tapped into the imagination of children again, treating them with great respect and opening their eyes to the wonder and beauty of our world that is centered on the lead character, Tyler. In the book, Tyler imagines where Santa might go on vacation to rest after his work on Christmas is done. From that starting point, we see Santa visit far away places like Japan and Hawaii. There, Santa learns how to say hello in their native languages and enjoys the unique cultures that people around the world live in each day. Just the subject alone is highly attractive for children as well as the parents, the originality of the subject sets this book above the many that come out during this time of the year. What makes this such a great book for children is how the value of other cultures are presented in a warm, loving way that is not forced in any way. While many children’s books are weighted down with morals that tend to overwhelm the story, Elizabeth Rooks has walked that fine line between adventure and respect that never seems too light or too heavy. It’s takes real skill to pull off writing a book with this much fun and adventure that appeals to children and Elizabeth succeeds admirably. Born in the country of Haiti, Elizabeth Rooks left her home at the age of seven and came to America. Living in a world far different than the one she came from, it’s apparent that “Where Does Santa Go on Vacation…” is infused with her personal experiences. She has managed to tap into that wonder as a child and translate it into this wonderful book. Frankly, this is one of the best children’s book to come around in a long time. It’s perfect for the holiday season and makes a wonderful gift as well. Currently, Elizabeth is employed in Newark, New Jersey teaching children of special needs. She has earned a Master’s Degree in Children’s Literacy and with her unique life experiences is also a cancer survivor. Considering her first work, “Rayne”, there is little doubt that “Where Does Santa Go On Vacation After Christmas” was destined to become a wonderful children’s book and it has succeeded quite well. The book can be ordered directly from the author’s website at http://www.elizabethrooks.com/where-does-santa-go-on-vacation-after-christmas/ . Plus, you can visit her Facebook page as well to check for updates and new releases. www.facebook.com/ElizabethRooks1


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Soul Assailants


Driven to change the hearts and minds of readers, not only by scripted like style of writing but also with different takes on heroes and villians, each book is captivating and hard to stop reading once you start. Stories are so intense and mind gripping it would be hard for just about anyone to put the book down. Each book with capture your heart and mind with each gripping story. Although simple, Soul Assailants has made their arrival known.

A Brush of Love

By: Jonathan Sturak  (Indie Author)

A young woman recounts a moment of true love in her life and a twist that changes her heart forever. Have you experienced true love? One of the 11 stories included in the new collection "From Vegas with Blood." 

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Gone Home : Second Book in the Alien Encounters Series Is Now Available On Kindle

Gone Home : Second Book in the Alien Encounters Series Is Now Available On Kindle

Science Fiction Fantasy For Women of All Ages

The story of Peggy of Sylax continues in this fantastical tale of science fiction and extraterrestrial
contact. With the second book of the series entitled Gone Home, author Kim Welsman focuses
almost entirely on Peggy's journey back to her home planet. Those who found the alien
character so intriguing in the first installment of the series will relish the back story examined
here from her own point of view in what is a remarkably engaging read. After Peggy arrives,
the reader gets to meet her mother and brother, as well as see the cyan rings of Sylax for the
very first time.

Kim Welsman is an accomplished writer of multiple novels in the science fiction and fantasy
genres. Her works frequently feature strong female protagonists, which have historically been
lacking within these genres. With Alien Encounters, she has developed an unforgettable set of
characters. Science fiction fans will find much to enjoy from the complex plots involving the
planet Sylax and its involvement in the political as well as social affairs of Earth. While much of
the attention in Gone Home is given to Peggy re‐uniting with others from her home world, there
is also a clear indication that the series' direction is to lead our alien hero back to Earth.

With Gone Home, the Alien Encounters series evolves into a much more textured, nuanced story
of fantastical relationships between alien beings who reside in cityscapes far removed from our
own reality of everyday life. While the first novel was grounded on Earth, with the noirish scifi
drama unfolding between Peggy and her pursuer Lyrissa, the second novel has no such
geographical limitations. Instead, the author has painstakingly created an imaginative, complex
alien world for the reader to lose herself in while enjoying the continuing story of the
protagonist. As with all good science fiction, there is enough conflict and mayhem along the
way to make this a genuinely engaging read.

While this novel is a quick read, perfect for vacations or anytime you wish to digest a thoroughly
enjoyable science fiction story in short order, the breadth of the series is one of the more
impressive characteristics. The second novel only adds to the story and fills in several of the key
pieces of the puzzle created by the first book. So for readers who enjoyed the first novel or
those who are just looking for something different than the bulk of science fiction that is
published today, consider ordering this second book in the Alien Encounters series for your
Kindle device.

Gone Home is available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DJJ6E54

You can find Kim Welsman on the web at http://www.kimwelsman.ca/

Sounds of War

New novel exposes grim truths about Operation Iraqi Freedom

‘Sounds of War’ tells action-based story about one determined man’s dangerous journey in war-torn Iraq

Readers are invited to get an insider’s glimpse at the experiences of one man searching for the truth in Thomas’ Ferreolus’ new contemporary historical fiction, “Sounds of War: Iraq Attack of Thomas Edington” (published by AuthorHouse).

Set in Iraq’s tumultuous Al Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom, “Sounds of War” recounts the adventures of protagonist Thomas Edington and his dangerous journey, revealing the horrors of war in the process. “It’s totally an original story of the unspoken truths,” Ferreolus explains. An excerpt from “Sounds of War”:

“Thomas had not even taken two steps through the other side of the hedge, when to his surprise, he found himself standing on a large Persian rug. Looking down in disbelief, he stood amongst a large number of sleeping bodies, all spooning and snuggling with one another. He looked to his right and noticed that the entire team had frozen in a silence statuesque pose. They all looked down in a complete and utter astonishment. Amazed, Thomas struggled with the reality of the situation. He felt as if he had just walked into a time warp. However, with what had seemed like several minutes, only seconds had passed when Thomas thought, ‘How ancient these primitive people look, all sleeping under the stares.’”

About the Author

Thomas Ferreolus is an outdoorsman who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He writes in the Pacific Northwest, where he resides with his wife and family. “Sounds of War” is his first published book and marks the start of a planned series. More information is available at www.thomasferreolus.com

“Sounds of War”
By Thomas Ferreolus

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781481736374

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781481736381

E-Book | ISBN 9781481736398

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Audio Book available at audible.com/ Itunes/ Amazon

OMG, A CUL8R Time Travel Adventure

OMG is a fast-paced time travel action adventure about four teens who travel back to the past to solve a mystery and save a life but end up risking their own. 
OMG begins when Kelly moves to Fort Myers Beach, Florida to live with her aunt and finds hidden treasures and secrets. She quickly becomes friends with her quirky next door neighbor Scott who has a reputation as the school’s number one geek. Scott’s best friend is Austin, the hot and popular quarterback. He joins Scott and Kelly as they embark on an adventure after Scott invents a way to travel back in time to find a girl who has begged for their help. They solve the mystery, but are then faced with the dilemma of whether or not to right a wrong or to let history stand. The four end up on the time travel adventure of their lives. 
“New York Time bestselling author Kathy Clark has struck gold with a heartfelt saga about four teens who not only are thrust into adulthood ahead of their time but they have to figure out how to solve problems and survive in a different time in the past” 

The MonsterJunkies

The MonsterJunkies
An  American   Family Odyssey

“Being   A   Normal  Family  is a State of Mind”

Authors    Erik Daniel Shein   And    L. M   Reker

  ISBN-13: 978-1622095483  

Publisher  Arkwatch holdings LLC

Genre ~ paranormal    teen  fantasy

Tucked away in a remote cul-de-sac on the Maine coast      is a   place       where     the     strange   is normal,   and   the bizarre, is everyday.  This is a place, where, if you do not have an open mind, you will loose your mind in its reality and truths. This is the home of The MonsterJunkies, An American Family Odyssey.

Residing at this place, twelve year old Crow and his fourteen year old sister, Indigo , along with their friends go down a reality curve to arrive at the harsh truth of the indelible hurt bullying, emotional abuse and prejudice can foster. The family faces ignorance combined with aggression at every step as they try to build a life for themselves in the home of their ancestors.

We are all MonsterJunkies and wear masks during our daily lives, in school, during work, hanging out with friends, imitating, being people who we look up to and admire, or those we want to be. It is those people who take off their masks and show the real person inside who are the ones that truly find the meaning of their lives.

The MonsterJunkies an American Family Odyssey, defines growing up through a cast of quirky yet engaging characters who also experience the same anxieties as any other family, enduring the issues that portend ‘coming of age.’ Not all angst and agony, it marks a clear path to the ultimate form of acceptance, the approbation of self.



Book reviews ~

 The author is on top of the game in this amazing read, and just gets better and better every-time. ” Book Review Buz “

Even more precisely, it provides excellent insight into the intricacies of the problem of bullying. ” Karen O'Sullivan |

The story line is original and clever. ”